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This portrait shows Martina Michel, the founder of Space Reading - Change your Life.

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martina michel

martina michel is an experienced face reader, micromimic master and feng shui expert.

martina helps high performing leaders, change seekers and change makers to create massive impact in their own lives and that of others, be it in the big things or in the little things. martina has helped people around the world create success, impact and a lifestyle they want.

A fight is in real
terms always a fight against yourself.

Taking on the fight with yourself is the most courageous thing you can do.
When you take a knock in life it’s a validation and in karate it’s par for the course. My parents refused to let me do martial arts but I still managed to get my black belt. The final test taught me the most important thing of all: to be in the moment. I was badly beaten by my opponent, the then German Vice Champion in Free Fighting who was two heads taller than me. It was actually unfair to place me in this fight against him but I had nothing to lose and giving up was out of the question. I understood ‘surrender’ to mean not giving up. I surrendered to a higher consciousness, a meta-level in a sense and I passed the test against all expectations.

Spiritual perspective drew me in. It was way more interesting than Free Fighting. No longer did I want to obey the many rules in karate. As the years passed by with its many detours and obstacles I discovered Face Reading which opened up a brand new life for me. In those years practices like meditation, yoga or lifeskills were not popular and time passed by with its many detours and obstacles. When I discovered Face Reading it opened up a brand new life for me.

Recently my love for sport shifted into boxing. Boxing trains me to remain focused, to focus on what really matters. Boxing is also a way of getting kids off the streets. They learn to fight the battle of life through boxing. There is a lot you can read in the faces of boxers. Everything is written on the face of each and everyone of us. Absolutely fascinating!

This portrait shows Martina Michel with boxing gloves, who successfully went through a difficult situation in her life.
This portrait shows Martina Michel with boxing gloves, who uses the theme of boxing to encourage her clients.
This portrait shows Martina Michel with boxing gloves, who tells an interesting story from her life.

this is so cool. i would like to get in contact with you, martina!

hi martina, are you ready to answer some personal questions about yourself?

Of course, I feel honoured to have this interview and I will be completely authentic and honest I promise.

why is it essential to have fighting spirit?

In all honesty, a fight is always a fight against yourself. In boxing you learn very quickly that your ego actually ruins everything. When you are no longer in tune with yourself, when you are not authentic, when you are not with your opponent, when you are no longer in the moment it’s over, you loose the fight. You have to be able to keep the focus and perform the technique with precision. For instance when you train with a speed bag: the speed bag and the punch have to be in motion, that‘s the only way you can keep the momentum. Your mental strength is sharpened, your mind becomes clear.

what gives meaning to your life?

Some experiences in life are seemingly insignificant, but later it turns out that they had a brutal impact, that they were formative. For me, it was an experience from my school days. A teacher who embarrassed me in front of the whole class. The classic. I let it stand at the time but mutual respect should be the basis for our dealings with each other.

your lifestyle – how would you describe it?

Good question, how do I intend to live? To figure this out, I also have to understand my boundaries. I am free to set boundaries. I’m not obliged to please anyone. I have sole responsibility for my own life. This became even clearer to me when my parents died. To make my own decisions. The most important thing is to know yourself, to understand yourself and to trust in your feelings.

did your parents prepare you well for life?

No, I was supported in the wrong way. This is not a criticism against my parents, who no doubt wanted the best for me, only that they were simply mistaken. I am a sensitive and empathic person. Whenever I felt the energy in a room was uncomfortable my parents would comment “don’t be so overdramatic“. At some point I became silent. When Feng Shui entered my life and became my profession, all I had to do was tie in with what I already intuitively knew. It is an unbelievably liberating experience when Qi, the life energy, starts to flow: everything falls into place and the heart breathes a sigh of relief.

how does everything fall into place?

When I do a Feng Shui consultation, I feel how much a new point of view activates the energy in the rooms, like a jumper cable that is connected to both poles. Applied, the existing view and the new view interact and it all begins to flow. Something similar happens in Face Reading its a complementary process. Both modules taken together open up a space for you and within you. a space you really want to embrace and inhabit.

This is also the space from which you feel safe to move on to new dimensions. You can probably tell I love spaceships. “Beam me up, Scotty!“ – Well, without humour it would be unbearable on this planet, wouldn‘t it?

what did your face reader see in your face?

That I have lived alienated. Successfully, but alienated. Being told was a huge breakthrough for me. It totally resonated with me. Another thing was that I suffered a great loss. It shocked me that you can tell this from my face, that everyone can see this, consciously or unconsciously. In the end it also helped me to accept myself. Most surprising and motivating for me was how many talents I have. Creativity, talent for finances, organisational talent, I can keep many balls in the air. My purpose in life is connected with my talent to bring light into the darkness together with my gift to help and to heal. My personal face reading has given me the courage to go my own way. I trigger many people, that is also my purpose in life.

is there something everyone should know?

yes, how to take radical personal responsibility for yourself. happiness is a choice!

This portrait shows Martina Michel, who advises to take life playfully and to apply self-love.

live life playfully. no pressure, love yourself.

martina michel
love from hanna
frankfurt, de

“i finally stopped self-sabotaging behaviour and overcomplicating things. no words can express how thankful i am martina.”

lovely to connect!

martina michel

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