martina empowers you to trust in your ability to change. become authentic, successful, healthy and happy!

your space reading session will empower you to change your life.

stop sabotaging behaviour and negative thoughts which keep you stuck. do only that which moves you forward. space reading combines the benefits of face reading with those of feng shui.

This portrait shows Martina Michel, founder of Space Reading - Face Reading Expert and Feng Shui Consultant, photographed by Hetty Zantman.

everything is written in your face and in your space. read it! it will change your life.

martina michel
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“it’s been a really tranformative process for me. thanks to martina i can make better informed decisions now.”


how can i benefit from face reading?

You can find out what makes you happy and how to create your own happiness. You find confidence to go your own way and without waiting for other people‘s judgements and evaluations.

what to expect in a face reading session?

You will learn a lot about your personality in open and supportive communication. You gain insight into yourself which helps you to pursue your goals and implement your personal needs and ambitions in a successful way. You will be equipped with a personal roadmap guiding you to a happy, successful and healthy life. It is written in your unique face.You can simply sit down and listen and you are welcome to ask any questions.

who goes for face reading?

Those who think they don‘t really need it. Those who want to leave their comfort zone. Those who feel that change is on the horizon. For all who feel powerless, anxious, exhausted, stressed and unhappy. And for all who are curious, courageous and adventurous.

where does the face reading session take place?

You can book an online Zoom session or come to a personal meeting in Wiesbaden at the Hotel Oranien. Other venues can be arranged to suit your needs.

which aspects will be looked at in face reading?

Personality, profession, career, life task, health, nutrition, love, partnership, and destiny.

how much is a face reading session?

400 € for 3 topics, 700 € for 6 topics and customised sessions are on request.

which companies benefit from face reading?

Established companies with a track record of success who want to ensure that the legacy continues. They are constantly exploring ways to keep their employees motivated at the high level they have already accomplished.

Start-ups that are in the process of building up their business, their field of impact and their team who want to do everything right from the beginning.

Companies that have fallen into a phase of stagnation and whose former solutions for overcoming their crises have been exhausted.

Entrepreneurs who have successfully sold their company and now have a vision to redefine themselves in a completely new way.

Foundations that have been struggling to successfully implement their vision.

how does a feng shui consultation work?

In combination with an initial conversation, I take a look at your rooms on site. Based on an architect‘s floor plan with a northerly axis, which I will need from you beforehand, I will draw up my consultation. After my consultation, you will receive a booklet with all the information during our personal final meeting.

how do corporates benefit from feng shui?

It is a valuable contribution for the development of a company in many aspects: team efficiency, harmony, well-being and health of all employees, turnover and market opportunities.

can i book a face reading and a feng shui consultation together?

Yes, both can be booked separately and together. Taken together they create exponential impact.

lovely to connect!

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