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face reading is the basis of all communication.
we all do it.

we already intuitively read people‘s faces. when we look at faces consciously with the help of a knowledgeable face reader, we learn to understand ourselves and others better. this empowers us to take successful and happy decisions in life.

which type
are you?

This leader has had a Face Reading consultation for the purpose of better communication in his company.


mark, 52, CEO

Ask me for a meaningful, structurised plan, purpose and value perfected, I have it. Don‘t ask me to cope with irrational chaos, confusion and noise. Bad idea! I flee and run. Wild horses are my best, I was amongst a herd once and silently witnessed their communication. They taught me deepest respect and utmost kindness. No pointless conversation. I become easily overwhelmed by useless information. I realise I need to be independent to be successful. I need to make sure to be safe in this.

martina, i would like to be a good team leader and understand people’s boundaries and needs better. can you see where i stand with my intent?

A young man who has the desire to develop his personality more freely.


Daniel, 23, student

I don‘t want to disappoint anyone, I try to keep everybody happy, I suffer when there is no harmony and I can‘t stand fighting. I’m so worried. What if I’m disliked? What if I’m excluded? When I was little, we used to move places a lot and I would always end up at a different school and had to make new friends. Since I was very shy I felt lonely. One more thing, it‘s terrible for me to feel unfairly treated, it hurts me a lot. Actually, I need love and I want to dare to fall in love.

martina, i wonder if i am able to finally speak up for myself and express my love. maybe i have a hidden talent here, can you read this in my face?

A lawyer and mother who is looking for a work-life balance near a burn-out.


lucy, 54, lawyer

I am a lawyer and a mother of 3. I actually love my life as it is. I love to take responsibility, be in charge, recognise new opportunities and take action. My clients and my family come first. Sometimes I feel depleted and a strange craving sets in, as if there is something hidden within me. Maybe I have unfulfilled needs which create this occasional imbalance in me, this loss of steam. Maybe I am close to a burnout because I have neglected my health. I think this finally needs to be looked at. Everyone speaks about work-life balance and mental and physical health.

martina, i feel motivated and encouraged to give face reading a chance, to give the unknown side in me a chance. i am ready to face myself.

A teenager who needs support to develop his talents.


greta, 13, scholar

My mommy thinks I should meet up with girls more often and join ballet class and wear skirts and be like other girls. My daddy hardly shows up at home, he is forever working. I like him a lot and I can‘t wait to go on holidays, because then he spends time with me. He is so cool. When he was young, he told me, he also played the guitar but then his father made him go to university and he became a software developer.

martina, i have many questions! will i become a rockstar? should i tell my mom that i have to practice more on my guitar? and forget about the stupid ballet class!

A young woman who is looking for new Life Challenges with her positive attitude towards life.


emma, 20, activist

They say you only live once. So here you go, that‘s why I act in the moment and make quick decisions. I love to improvise, I love to dance. I get a bit stressed when passing up an opportunity and I feel I need to do something risky in the near future. I know myself, I will push boundaries to create movement and make things happen. Agreed, teasing, shouting and getting really angry is not the way to do it. Where possible, I don‘t want to make this mistake again. I rather come up with a new goal in my life.

martina, i need a change! i want to know which other exciting options i have to challenge myself. i am very curious about a face reading with you.

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Martina Michel, executive director of Space Reading, talks about the benefits of Face Reading in Hetty Zantman's photo studio.

face it, you‘ll love it! embrace the change.

martina michel
love from katja
mainz, de

“in the meanwhile, my whole family has had a face reading with martina. we are all very grateful and feel moved – a wonderful gift – you receive a type of compass, tuned solely to yourself. thank you so much dear martina.”

love from lars
neuhaus, de

“face reading is not new to me, we have often used face reading consultations to guide us in employing leadership staff. in the moment i personally faced difficult private and professional challenges, i intuitively knew that martina was the right person to help me take the significant step forward. I am deeply grateful for her work.”

love from manuela
trier, de

“i have just listened to the recording of my face reading again. martina has helped me a lot in understanding myself better and in making the right decisions. one sentence that particularly struck me today will become my motto for the next phase: “be effective while you learn“. thank you, dear martina, for your reading.”

love from mailyn
lucern, ch

“yesterday the decision was made. for what i dearly wished for and have always wished for. the session with you gave me clarity. however long it takes – i’m committed to my dream. thank you for your gentle clarity, your support and your competence dear martina.”

love from anna
zurich, ch

“martina is an expert in the field of face reading. she shares her knowledge in such a way it touches your heart. she gives you all the answers you couldn’t provide yourself in a loving and professional way so you understand and accept what it is she says. you get clarity and see your path ahead clearly – the groundwork for fulfilment and success. martina thank you from the bottom of my heart for seeing me.”

lovely to connect!

martina michel

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