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feng shui helps you design a space that makes you feel good, powerful and supported in your goals in life

a successful business, a happy family, good health, limitless creativity – you name it. the space you live and work in needs to have an abundant flow of qi, of energy, where all aspects of life are in balance. no waste, no clutter but a smart use of your resources to lead a joyful life.

feng shui consultation
per square meter 18 €

A bungalow by the sea, where through a Feng Shui consultation, the Qi flow was optimized.

the ocean house

5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, infinity pool, open kitchen and living area. The topic of this Feng Shui consultation was to especially foster the family spirit in the home. Mutual respect, giving each other space to be, while also enjoying activities together, nurturing connection and taking responsibility for family life. Because the house is well positioned at the sea it brings along abundance and prosperity for the family.

love from barbara
los angeles, us

“we immediately felt an amazing change of energy in our house. it’s a happy house now. thank you, martina.”

A house in the forest, where with the help of a Feng Shui consultation, a good atmosphere for meditation and physical and mental health was created.

the forest house

3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 terraces, steam room, atrium. The focus of this Feng Shui consultation was set on health and recreation. It was necessary to invite nature in to allow the energy to flow. In the past the house was not well looked after and only inhabited occasionally. The new owners wished for a sanctuary of peace, inner balance and wellbeing. They practise yoga and meditation. The main aspects were to utilise natural lighting and make the atmosphere of spaciousness come alive.

the space we live in shows our personality and accommodates our needs. in comfort and privacy, in sharing and entertaining with family and friends we need to provide good qi.

martina michel
In this kind of bungalow, a Feng Shui consultation was done, which had a very positive effect on the flow of creativity.

the art bungalow

4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, lounge, library,
atelier, sculpture garden. No doubt this house required, figuratively speaking, the red carpet. The Feng Shui consultation resulted in people already loving the way they enter the house. Once inside the house, a feeling of expansion is tangible. It connects the gallery with the sculpture garden. A lovely circling energy for a perfect event location was established. One part of the house was charged with extra energy for creativity, the atelier of the gallerist, her private special vip area.

In this penthouse overlooking Dubai, Martina Michel helped a successful law firm to strengthen the team and bring their resources to greater development.

the power (pent)house

5 offices, 2 bathrooms, bar, rooftop gym, cinema, double garage. The dynamic energy of high performing leaders of this law office is driven by the stunning location with its fantasic views and an energy field created by a Feng Shui consultation. The focus of this consultation was on boosting success while keeping the team spirit vibrant and dedicated.

the space we work in shows our purpose and performance. creativity meets knowledge. our space needs to provide the full power of qi to make success happen.

martina michel
love from rob
dubai, uae

“thank you martina for enhancing our offices by giving them the right flow of powerful energy. it’s like surfing the perfect wave.”

lovely to connect!

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